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Organization of Teaching and Research

Aside from the traditional functions of instruction, research and innovation, Charisma University promotes deep participation and continuing professional development among its faculty members and staff members. The underlying rationale here is respect and great value for the autonomy of teachers and employees, as well as academic freedom and institutional accountability.

Indeed, Charisma University fully believes that institutional autonomy is a crucial element that enables academic institutions to effectively respond to emerging demands within the international education landscape. Hence, faculty members are encouraged to participate in curriculum development, and other academic matters such as decisions pertaining to degree supply; methods of delivering course contents; nature of education materials, as well as the scope, goals and methods of research.

Charisma University is staffed with professionals with impeccable credentials, and who are encouraged to participate in matters that include financial issues, such as the acquisition of allocation of funding and establishment of tuition fees; and, staffing policies, such as responsibility for recruitment, compensation and promotion. These processes undergo regular evaluation to determine efficacy, according to the Charisma University assessment framework.

Charisma University has developed and implemented a separate Ethical Code of Conduct for professionals and students. The code of ethics and behaviors are created using the best practices in the academic community. Both students and teachers are expected to adhere to academic integrity and honesty at all times.