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Centre of Advanced Research and Innovation (CARI) in Charisma University


Faculty Spotlight

Dr. Anita Abbott

Dr. Anita Abbott
CARI Executive Committee Chair

The Centre for Advanced Research and Innovation (CARI) is established as an independent organization under the auspices of the Charisma University. It is a specialized organization and the umbrella body for higher research in Humanities, Social Science and Technology disciplines at the Charisma University.

The Centre provides facilities for higher research in various areas of Humanities, Social Science and Technology disciplines. It supports and conducts researches, holds seminars and workshops, and offers training courses on research methodologies. It also maintains links and establishes networks with similar centres, institutes and organizations.

CARI is also aimed at establishing and promoting exchange programmes with academic, research, training institutes and think tank organizations at home and abroad. Overseas researchers can work here with limited office and accommodation facilities.


CARI has some basic objectives:

  • To offer facilities for higher research (M Phil, PhD, and Post-doctoral) and development in different disciplines of humanities, social sciences and technology.
  • To organize seminars, symposiums, workshops, scholarly lectures, conferences and to disseminate academic achievements in the respective discipline.
  • To arrange and offer fellowships to local, regional and international researchers and scholars.
  • To establish linkages and networks with national, regional and international research centres and academic institutions through exchange programmes.

The Organization Structure

Charisma University
Board of Governance
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Executive Committee
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The top management and policy body of the CARI is the Board of Governance, Charisma University. The board will consider plans and programmes of the centre and evaluate its progress.

With a view to running the everyday works of the management board, CARI has an Executive Committee (EC) which consists of 4 Members. The Chairman is the head of the EC and the Director of CARI is the Member Secretary. The EC is responsible to look after the academic and research programmes of the centre. For administrative purposes the EC is authorized to make rules and regulations for the centre.

Dr. Anita Abbot serves as the CARI Executive Committee Chair. Her research skills have led her to a number of writing and editing roles: an associate editor for International Journal of the Humanities; a reviewer for The University of London Educate Journal; a guest writer for Oil Voice; and an independent writer.

Research & Training

CARI has initiated to offer various specialized training courses on Technology, Arts and Social Sciences Research Methodology for early career researchers and mid-level social researchers intended to enable the participants to conduct M Phil and Doctoral research and do better in their fields. Training courses will cover both of the basic research introducing qualitative and quantitative aspects and contemporary issues in the respected areas.

Currently the following programmes and seminars are available:


  • Master of Philosophy (M Phil)
  • Doctor of Literature (Litt D)
  • Doctor of Science (Sc D)
  • Post-Doctoral Fellow (PostDocF)


  • Academic Writing and publication
  • Quantitative Analytical Tools
  • Qualitative Research Methods
  • Research Proposal writing
  • Business Research Analysis and Design
  • Contemporary Issues in Financial Reporting and Corporate Disclosures

Publications/ journals

CARI plans to jointly publish a research journal (twice a year) with Journal of Global Merit Management, an ISSN registered publication. It is dedicated to connect and preserve the references of research works, publications, thesis, monographs, journals, periodicals and newspaper clippings on relevant areas. The centre is aimed at disseminating research results through publications.

Linkages and Networks

CARI is very much interested to making linkages and establishing networks with any research centre, research organization, think tank, and academic institution of the world. The centre encourages promoting and maintaining exchange programmes with similar organizations home and abroad. The centre also takes initiatives of holding and hosting effective seminars, workshops programmes with participation of local and internationally renowned researchers and scholars. It also arranges special talks, roundtable and lecture programmes.