Name: Ada Onyelucheya
Title/Position: Faculty
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Faculty Bio

Ada Onyelucheya is a Chartered Accountant enthused about imparting knowledge. She started her academic career with a B.Sc In Accounting and earned her Masters degree in Financial Management in London. She went on to her ACCA professional studies in London after that. She was a Student Ambassador while pursuing her Masters and represented the University during Open days. It was quite a brilliant experience and exposed her to the rich history of Greenwich. She has had more than 10 years experience as an Educator and had received a commendation award for her efforts in the literacy of rural women earlier on. She was employed briefly as a Consultant by a Trust Company to consult and proffer recommendations towards solutions to a company’s operating system. This was done with good enthusiasm, and she learned so much from that experience. Her hobbies include reading and analyzing economic and financial topics cum happenstances in some situations. She has also authored a book called Arise Shine to contribute to the society at large.