Name: Dr. Anne Wade
Title/Position: Dean, School of Education
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Faculty Bio

Dr. Anne Wade has a BA in History, BA in Psychology, MS in Educational Leadership, MS in Criminal Justice, Ed.D. in Educational Leadership, and Ph.D. in Public Safety Leadership/Criminal Justice. She has had a dual focus since she started in education. She loves the art of teaching and the field of Criminal Justice. She is a Criminologist and has training as a Forensic Investigator. Dr. Wade has taught Criminal Justice since 1989. Before joining the teaching profession, she was a juvenile detention officer and a law clerk. For six years, she worked as a Bail Bond Agent, making a fugitive recovery at night and on the weekends while she taught CJ during the day. Dr. Wade has been teaching online for the last 15 years in addition to seated classes. She has the opportunity to teach for universities all over the world and loves the experience and knowledge she has gained from her students. Dr. Wade is an artist, a business owner. She paints, does fiber, and glass arts, and she is a potter. She loves the creative process and applies that to her courses. Dr. Wade is married to a wonderful man who is a travel nurse working in trauma. Her daughter, her husband (a police officer) and their two children currently live with her, and she gets to play some during the day with the babies (20 months, four months – both boys) She a Jack Russell dog named Sparkle and two German Shepard named Ruger and Hershee. She has two cats and eight ducks/chickens. Dr. Wade loves to encourage people to follow their dreams through education. She is a life-long learner!