Name: Dr. Arlene Goodman
Title/Position: Faculty
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Faculty Bio

Dr. Arlene Goodman, for 15+ years, had taught at a brick and mortar school in South Florida as their lead accounting instructor having taught all their accounting and any international business courses that they offered. She realized that she loved teaching. In June of 2013, she retired as the CFO of a very large Not-for-Profit Foundation in South Florida and relocated to the wonderful state of Arizona where she is enjoying her new 'life" of just teaching. She realized about 18 years ago that this is the path that she wanted to take upon retirement and began her Doctoral Education at a much older age than most. After six years and two months of grueling coursework and dissertation, she was awarded my DBA in Accounting and an Advanced Professional Certificate in International Business. She found this to be a great accomplishment while working a demanding full-time job, teaching full load - most terms 3 or 4 courses and her studies as well as spending time with family.