Name: Charles S. Lynn
Title/Position: Faculty
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Faculty Bio

Charles has been certified as a C.P.A. by the Board of Accountancy of the State of California since December, 1980. Previously, he had received an M.B.A. (Statistics) degree from The University of Tennessee at Knoxville in December 1973, M.A. (Marketing & Logistics) degree from Central Missouri State University in August, 1969 and B.A. (Business Administration) from National Taiwan University in June 1966, in addition to receiving continuing education from UCLA-Extension, CSU-Sacramento, Golden Gate Univ., U.S.Interagency Audit Training Center, etc. In the accounting field, Charles has previously served as an assistant corporate controller of DTK Computer Co., Inc. headquartered in Los Angeles, as a staff accountant for National Medical Enterprises, Inc.,(NYSE), various C.P.A. firms in Los Angeles, Mitsui & Co., (U.S.A.)Inc. (Tokyo Stock Exchange), junior fiscal management auditor for California State Department of Finance. Charles also worked in the capacity of import documentation & traffic clerk for Nissho-Iwai American Corp. (Tokyo Stock Exchange) in New York in 1969-1971. Furthermore, Charles has taught Statistics (G. Kelly) with econometrics emphasis (Gujarati) as well as Cambridge business English in Lin'yi Normal University in Lin'yi city, Shandong Province, China, the Cambridge business English in Northern International College ofShandong Jiao'tong University, Ji'nan city, Shandong, China, theInternational Monetary & Financial Economics (Daniels & Van Hoose) in Yang-En University, at Quanzhou city, Fu'jian Province, China,International Economics - Theory & Policy (Krugman & Obstfeld) in Jiang'xi Agricultural University at Nan'chang city, Jiang'xi Province, China, the Marketing Management (Kotler) and Cambridge businessEnglish in Jiu'jiang University, at Jiu'jiang city, Jiang'xi Province, also in China.