Name: Dr. Donnie Newson
Title/Position: Faculty
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Faculty Bio

Donnie H. Newson holds a Juris Doctorate from Thurgood Marshall School of Law in Houston, TX and is a member of the Washington, D.C. bar association. Donnie has used his legal education to assist clients with resolutions to tax issues through H&R Block, the leading tax preparation company in the U.S., to assist clients with entertainment law issues, and to assist clients with Title VII issues. He takes great pride in educating future tax professionals in the field of tax law. Donnie received his mediation training at the Dispute Resolution Center, also located in Houston, TX. Law and mediation are his true passions in the arena of education. In addition, he has been employed by the Federal Aviation Administration for more than 2 decades as a National Airspace Specialist responsible for validating the integrity of global national airspace. Donnie is a strong advocate of non-traditional approaches to education but insist that programs must be specific, deliberate, and effective. Given the structure of the modern family, the international community has seemingly demonstrated a more receptive disposition regarding the necessity for non-traditional education to support non-traditional lifestyles. The information age demanded it. Having earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Technology from Excelsior College (Albany, New York), Donnie progresses as living proof of the success one might achieve through online education. Prior to joining the federal government, Donnie served as a defense hardware expert for a major U.S. corporation on the production of the 7M Sparrow Missile, the 7F Pop Missile, Standard Missile, Phalanx, Stinger, and the F-16 programs. With training in the discipline of Electronics Engineering Technology from Arkansas College of Technology, he is completely comfortable with emerging technologies. Donnie also earned a certification in Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning system. His diverse experience in law, mediation, and technology create a skill set that has uniquely prepared him to assist students who are interested in high level career focused education.