Name: Doug Hall
Title/Position: Facilitator
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Faculty Bio

Doug Hall is a graduate of John F. Kennedy University Campbell campus Clinical Psychology 1996. His undergraduate degree is from UCLA, a BA in Economics-International Relations (Chinese). Prior to attending JFKU, Doug worked in a family-run business, selling computer hardware and helping manage the sales team and assist with business strategy. Doug trained at the Process Therapy Institute where he learned the Process model of therapy, which forms the basis of his consulting and teaching philosophy, especially the being side of the model. After leaving the counseling world, he returned to doing various sales jobs. Throughout his selling career, he learned various sales techniques and learned about the aptitudes required for various professions, including those for therapists and salespeople. For the past several years, he has been meditating and learning Buddhist ideas and principles, including many that are used with professional golfers as taught in Zen Golf. Doug teaches a course called ‘Creating Our Desires’, which blends psychology, mindfulness, law of attraction and philosophy to help people get clear about their goals, deal with emotions that hinder success and achieve their goals faster than they normally would. In fact, this is the driving force behind his work with small businesses and students. For the past 10 years, Doug has been working in small businesses as a freelancer and consultant in sales, marketing and planning. He represents companies (both here in the US and China), does business introductions and manages projects. In two of the last 5 years, Doug has lived in China where he taught Business Strategy and Human Resource Development to community college students and taught business owners and professionals conversational English, resulting in increased confidence. He was furthering his functional Mandarin skills as well. Feel free to visit his website at