Name: Dr. Geoffrey VanderPal
Title/Position: Faculty
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Faculty Bio

Dr. Vanderpal is a passionate business professional leading successful economic analysis through development, oversight, & risk management. He has 25 years of the financial industry and business experience. After spending 10 years working up and through multiple promotions with two large multinational and global financial firms, he built a financial service firm and a fashion label. His extensive business experience, including many successes and some failures along the way, provides hands-on, practical knowledge and application of the material. In leadership roles, he worked in the private sector, public sector, and nonprofit/association sector. With combined academic and industry experience, he can provide practical and applied knowledge to help students further their careers and maximize the satisfaction from their education. His academic qualifications include a Doctorate in Finance and Business and a Post-Doc in Global Leadership. Some of my certifications are Certified Financial Planner, Certified Treasury Professional, and Chartered Life Underwriter certifications. Dr. VanderPal's hobbies are traveling, reading books, and spending quality time with my family. He enjoys teaching and looks forward to learning from his students as well. In an online learning environment, Dr. VanderPal will try to maintain a very lively and interactive classroom. For him, teaching is not about lecturing to students; it is about presenting students' theories, concepts, and empirical material. In this way, students can integrate the information into their own life experiences.