Name: Dr. Jagmohan Bajaj
Title/Position: Faculty
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Faculty Bio

Dr. Jagmohan Bajaj is a diplomatic and flexible leader with strong interpersonal skills and the ability to break down cross cultural communication barriers; adept at strategically identifying, devising, and implementing customized solutions to support global business strategies and needs with diverse knowledge of handling foreign affairs with hands on experience in providing security and safety services. Dr. Jagmohan Bajaj is a Globalist that enjoys Challenges; this summarizes him perfectly in one single definition. He is a Political & Communications consultant with over 15 years public affairs/ corporate affairs experience from India, US, Canada, Lithuania, Georgia, Republic of Kosovo, Europe and the rest of the World. Lobbying, branding, Connecting people & businesses are part of his overall Experience. Dr. Jagmohan Bajaj has extensive experience evaluating programs across a wide range of technical areas, including rural development, environmental and social capacity and Education. He Conducts in-depth analysis of projects, and is familiar with the reporting and evaluation need of multiple donors, including the UN, UNESCO,UNEP, SIDA, Aus-Aid, CIDA, ADB, UNGC, IUCN, EU, World Bank and other international organization. He is an Investment consultant for Balkan, Baltic, CIS and India from High potential investors in different fields. Dr. Jagmohan Bajaj has interest in trade and commerce in which he became a private Diplomatic consultant. This led him into commercial diplomacy, providing confidential and strategic advice to trade delegations from developing countries. He has been contracted to numerous positions serving several countries. His posts have included Trade Consultant, Economic Advisor, Senior Trade Delegate and Special Envoy. Dr. Jagmohan Bajaj holds Doctorate in International Affairs and Diplomacy, Master of Social Work from Mahatma Gandhi University and Graduate in Computer Engineering and Law. He is fluent in English, Punjabi and Hindi and has a working knowledge of Albanian, Lithuanian, Georgian, Nepali, Marathi and Guajarati.