Name: Kareem Tannous
Title/Position: Faculty
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Faculty Bio

Kareem Tannous was born and raised outside of Philadelphia, PA. He graduated from LaSalle College High School in 1995. After completing a couple years at Drexel University, he later moved to Jacksonville, FL in 1998 and began his career in real estate and finance. It was later in his life he returned to school at Jacksonville University and finished his Bachelors of Business Administration degree and continued on finishing his Master of Business Administration degree specializing in Accounting and Finance. He is currently fulfilling his Doctor of Business Administration degree concentrating in International Business at Walden University. His teaching philosophy has a primary objective for a holistic learning environment while making sure that each student is cognizant and capable of grasping the information in a spirited and thoughtful process of engagement and application of the course materials through a variety of education methodologies. The most influential way anyone can preserve information is to assimilate and incorporate the subject materials into everyday life.