Name: Dr. La’Sondrick J. Bridges
Title/Position: Dean, School of Business
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Faculty Bio

La’Sondrick Bridges has a proven track record of pushing students toward success.  His influence on students grew out of his early coaching experience. More prominently, La’ Sondrick served students as a mentor with CBM CARES National Organization (CBM), a nonprofit organization supported by the U.S. Department of Juvenile Justice and Justice Delinquency Prevention that aims to provide positive male role models to youth. In 2011, La’Sondrick took over as Program Manager with CBM.  Starting “from scratch,” La’Sondrick grew Columbia’s program to include more than 200 mentors and over 600 young males. La’Sondrick says that mentoring is all about compassion and showing unselfish concern for the welfare of others: “You have to look past where the kids come from and look at where they can go.” “They want to be challenged.  More than that, they want to know you care”, he continued. La’Sondrick’s business skills have proven to be valuable as he regularly works with budgets, statistical analysis, and many other concepts.  Those same skills have allowed La’Sondrick’s CBM program in Columbia, South Carolina to have continued success until 2016 when the government funded grant program came to an end.   He has spent over 15 years working in education in different capacities including teaching, mentoring, and training. La’Sondrick currently teaches high school business education and is a Lab instructor for E2020 courses on-line. La’Sondrick has coached high school basketball and football for 12 years.   His education background includes a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Rust College in Mississippi, a master’s degree in Business Administration from South University in South Carolina and a Doctorate of Education from Argosy University in Georgia.   La’Sondrick Bridges utilizes the knowledge and experiences that he has gained through his host of educational and professional experiences to help young people realize their potential and reach their goals.