Name: Dr. Leon Barrett
Title/Position: Faculty
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Faculty Bio

Dr. Leon A. Barrett is an educator, author, speech writer, mentor, and volunteer. He has been an educator for over forty years. During that time he has taught elementary and secondary school students, and adults at various levels. Since 2010, he has been teaching the Elementary Teachers' Federation of Ontario (ETFO) online Special Education Additional Qualifications courses to teachers. He is passionate about helping teachers to acquire the knowledge and skills so that they can facilitate the learning and academic and social achievements of their students. In 2009, Dr. Barrett was the co-writer of the English Creole curriculum which is now part of the International Languages Program in the Peel District School Board. He is author of Foundations of Education: The making of an education system (revised 2012), Educational Development in Jamaica: Special Education (2006), and co-author of Succeeding in the Educational Maze (2012) and Educational Development in Jamaica in the Context of the British Colonial Influence (2005). During the 2010-2011 school year, he was instrumental in helping to successfully establish a Grade 8 boys-only class in a middle school. In 2005, Dr. Barrett was nominated for an Award of Excellence for contributions to public education in Peel. In that same year he received an Award of Distinction for contributions to public education in Peel. Again in 2012 he received an Award of Distinction for contributions to public education in Peel. Dr. Barrett is also active in the community through the United Achievers' Community Services, Inc. where he is Vice President, and the Educators' Forum where he is co-founder and presenter. Dr. Barrett completed his Doctor in Education with specialization in Higher Level Instruction (2009) from International University, Panama; Master of Arts with specialization in Educational Theory (1980) from Ontario Institute for Studies in Education at the University of Toronto; Bachelor of Arts (Honours) (1976) from the University of the West Indies, Jamaica; and Ontario Teachers' Certificate (1992) and Jamaica Teacher's Certificate (1971). Dr. Barrett is married and has three adult children.