Name: Michael Wogu
Title/Position: Faculty
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Faculty Bio

Michael Wogu is the product of La Sierra University where he graduated with his BS in Marketing in the spring of 2005. However his zest to learn the marketing process wasn't quite filled at this time. So he decided to return to his alma mater and enroll in the MBA program with a special emphasis in marketing. After graduating with his MBA in June of 2007 he felt it important to add to his business education by becoming fluent in Mandarin and getting a first hand understanding of the Chinese culture. He invested close to two years in China teaching courses at Guilin University of Electronic Technology. During that time he learned Mandarin and started his own business. His passions include teaching, entrepreneurship, drawing, travelling, making new relationships, and learning new languages. Right now he speaks English, Spanish, Mandarin, and Portuguese, and hopes to add a few more in the future. His teaching philosophy is one that mirrors his life philosophy: "Seek passionately and you shall find abundantly, give generously and you shall receive beyond capacity."