Name: Dr. Qatip Arifi
Title/Position: Faculty
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Faculty Bio

Dr. Arifi is a proactive adaptable and conscientious person with 20+ years experience in teaching and managing duties in organizations on teaching. Working in these fields he has overcome lots of challenges through a tenacious and questioning approach drawing on wide-ranging teaching expertise. He is at the same time highly enthusiastic and receptive to other people. His approach may relax most of people and brighten their day. His credentials are on Applied Linguistics and Language Education. He completed his Ph.D in Philological Sciences from SEE University, and his Master degree from Indiana University in Bloomington, USA. In his time he has been engaged as a Senior Lecturer in several Universities in the southeast part of Europe providing classes on Linguistics and Applied Linguistics. Mr Arifi has a strong interest in implementing current standards in education and has been able to research and implement this knowledge in many types of projects. He has experience in coordinating and monitoring Quality Assurance, Curriculum Development, Scientific Research, and Students Mentoring. Most is in field of education which relates to his learning, gathering and analyzing data on students'performances and developing these findings to audiences of academics in many international conferences and papers. He has been involved in lots of activities that require research and cooperation, coordinated activities in the field of education and established contacts with many international institutions in many conferences, seminars and workshop worldwide.