Name: Dr. Rodney Ryan
Title/Position: Faculty
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Faculty Bio

Rodney Ryan has been an online instructor for over 17 years at the University of Phoenix, and 5 years at Concordia University in the master’s level of courses for aspiring teachers. His experiences with online education are what have been his current interests for educational change. The last position was with the State of Florida Department of Education as the Data Captain implemented through Race To The Top. The position was working with eight educators to provide school districts with the information and strategies to implement data driven decision making into the schools. He was involved in collaboration with leadership teams and instructional coaches to affect student achievement. He was involved in making presentations to schools, using their school data to determine effective school improvement. As a high school principal in Attica, New York for approximately 600 students in grades 9-12, he worked in a collaborative learning environment to encourage student growth. As a middle school principal at Florida High in Tallahassee, Florida for approximately 600 students in grades 6-8, there was a need to bring teachers together to understand their craft. And, as a turnaround principal at Jefferson Middle/ High School in Monticello, Florida for approximately 600 students, there was an effort to affect the culture of the community. He was a principal at was the most challenging time because the student population had very little parent support. During his time at the school he, along with colleagues, raised the performance 87 points on their school grade to within 8 points of a C in one year. The experiences of a math teacher, a business owner, and an industrial engineer have affected how life has changed his mindset. He enjoys bowling and golf in his spare time. His wife is a retired teacher and keeps the family fit with her nutritional efforts. His son is a global human benefits manager for Pepsico in Rye, New York. He has a grandson who is 7 years old now.