Name: Santarvis Brown
Title/Position: Faculty
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Faculty Bio

Dr. Santarvis Brown has spent 15+ years serving as a leader, innovator, and changemaker in education showcasing in-depth insight as an administrator, educator, and program director. His wealth of experience, unrivaled passion, and powerful work ethic has equipped him with the skills and tools to effectively lead faculty and staff while also being an agent of progressive change and innovation. The intersectionality of faith, service, education, and vision-driven leadership has been the hallmark of Dr. Brown's entire professional career and ultimately his life. He currently serves President of SNB Innovations LLC, a private consultancy that provides innovations to the higher education, business/strategy, and non-profit sectors. Additionally, he teaches in the Business School at Cornell University. Most recently, Dr. Brown served as Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs &Chief Academic Officer at Miami Regional University, where he also holds the rank of full professor. A noted speaker and researcher, he has lent his speaking talent to many community and educational forums, serving as keynote speaker. He has also penned several articles tackling issues in civic service, faith, and education. Dr. Brown has accumulated a wealth of degrees and certifications, cementing his status as a subject expert in an array of fields. Namely, he possesses a bachelor degree, three master’s degrees, and and two doctorate degrees. Ultimately, Dr. Brown wants to utilize his key leadership positions to obtain an executive role, wherein help can close opportunity gaps in higher education by focusing recruitment efforts, special initiatives, and community programs in areas where underserved populations live in large populations.