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Dr. Thomas Waller Biography Dr. Thomas Waller resides in Colorado Springs, Colorado as Business Consultant with 40 years of cumulative business experience. As an educator, he is a progressive critical thinking educator teaching graduate and undergraduate courses in Business and Organizational Leadership face-to-face and Online. Tom has a doctorate degree in Business and Strategic Leadership from Regent University; master’s degree in Public Affairs and Administration from the University of Colorado, and; a bachelor’s degree in Urban Affairs/Planning and Political Science from the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh. His dissertation for the doctorate degree created a 12-course master’s degree curriculum in Design Thinking and Venture Development. An entrepreneur most of his professional life, Tom has started multiple business ventures, served on the board of directors of many small businesses, served in senior leadership roles as CEO, consulted with many small businesses, raised over $600 million in venture capital for multiple business ventures, and a presenter in over 2000 public speaking engagements. The fields of expertise are centered in entrepreneurship, real estate development, financing, capital formation, change management, strategic leadership, start-up business ventures, marketing and sales, management, organizational behavior, negotiating, strategy, ethics, problem solving and decision making, urban and transportation planning, and Design Thinking and venture development. From its inception, Dr. Waller was selected as a member of the editorial staff for the Journal of Business, Technology, and Leadership, at Colorado Christian University. The Journal is a publication of the School of Business and Technology focused on Business, Leadership, Management, Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Tom has also developed curriculum’s, served as a mentor for business and leadership students, and active in cutting-edge higher education development.