Name: The Most Rev. Dr William Martin Sloane
Title/Position: Senior Vice President for Internal Quality System
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Faculty Bio

William Martin Sloane is an Anglican and Old Catholic bishop; Pro-Chancellor of International University for Graduate Studies; Vice President for North America of the World Organization for International Cooperation, Peace & Safety; and Deputy Political Advisor for Legal Affairs to the World Organization of the States. An attorney at law in Maryland and Pennsylvania, he graduated from York College of Pennsylvania [BA], Atlantic University [MA], Liberty University [MAR], Universidad San Juan de la Cruz [MBA], Charisma University [EdD in Higher Education], Widener University [JD], Temple University [LLM (Labor)], American Christian College and Seminary [PhD in Religion], and International University for Graduate Studies [DCL]. Formerly Democratic Chief Counsel to the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, he is a lieutenant colonel and Pennsylvania Wing Legal Officer in Civil Air Patrol (the U.S. Air Force Auxiliary) and a lieutenant-colonel in the 3rd Earl Kitchener's Own Scottish & Borders Legion of Frontiersmen Yeomanry Volunteers (Light Horse), Scottish Command. He has taught at Atlantic University, Elizabethtown College, McCann School of Business and Technology, Millersville University, Mount Saint Mary's University, Saint Francis University, Shippensburg University, Temple University, Widener University Commonwealth Law School, and Wilson College and holds a Pennsylvania real-estate instructor license. Dr Sloane is a Life Diplomate of the College of Mind-Body Medicine and Life Fellow of the American Association of Integrative Medicine; Certified in Homeland Security–Level III, American Board for Certification in Homeland Security; Certified Master Chaplain, American Board for Certified Master Chaplains; Life Diplomate and past chair, American Board of Forensic Counselors; Board Certified Professional Counselor, American Board of Professional Counselors; Certified Addictionologist, American College of Addictionology and Compulsive Disorders; Board Certified in Clinical Supervision, Diplomate, Fellow and past board chair, American College of Counselors; and Certified Medical Investigator–Level I and Life Fellow, American College of Forensic Examiners Institute. He is a Life Diplomate, Life Fellow and Master Therapist, American Psychotherapy Association; president, Canadian Association of Independent Universities, Colleges and Institutes; president, Council on Chiropractic Practice; Medical QiGong Practitioner, MQ Therapist, and Master of MQ, East Coast Institute of Medical QiGong; International Scientific College member, International Academy of Sciences San Marino; Professional Member and Level I QiGong Instructor, National QiGong Association; Health Care Freedom Advisory Council member, Our America Initiative; Scholar of the Oxford Society of Scholars, Omega Graduate School; Curate of Souls and president, Society for the Cure of Souls; and Applied Psychoanalysis Professional, Society of Modern Psychoanalysts. Dr Sloane has been adopted by the Royal House of Sulu with the title of Datu (Prince); has been ennobled by the Crown Council of Ethiopia as the Count of Shoa, Viscount of Hararghe and Baron of Sidamo; and has been invested as a Knight Grand Cross of the Order of the Eagle of Georgia and the Seamless Tunic of Our Lord Jesus Christ, the Order of the Queen of Sheba, the Order of the Holy Trinity with Grand Collar, the Order of Emperor Menelik II, the Order of the Star of Honour of Ethiopia, and the Order of Saint Anthony [founded 370 AD]. He is a life member of the Mansfield Law Club (UK), Mensa, and Phi Alpha Delta Law Fraternity International and a 40-year member of the Screen Actors Guild–American Federation of Television and Radio Artists.