Bachelor of Laws (LL.B)

Bachelor of Laws (LL.B)

Charisma University’s Bachelor of Laws (LL.B) program provides a personalized and convenient opportunity of starting a journey into the legal profession. The program is designed to meet the global LL.B educational requirements; thus, the program assiduously prepares students to sit for the Bar examination in any country of their choice.

Charisma University LL.B program is a three-year program structured in the synchronous learning method. To earn an LL.B degree from Charisma University, students will complete 108 units of coursework within the three years of study. The program is offered in three semesters of 16 weeks per semester within the University’s academic calendar year. Students are required to take 12 credits of coursework each semester.

All courses are 3 credits each and are synchronously taught for 3 hours per week. The coursework includes but is not limited to case studies, oral presentations, Assignments, mid-term examinations, Moot, Legal research and writings, Quizzes, and final examinations.

Students are required to take any elective course of their choice within the third year from the elective courses listed in the curriculum below. The elective course will be taken in the third semester of the third year. At the end of the third semester in the same final year, students are expected to submit a well-written legal-based project before the LL.B degree can be awarded.

Bachelor of Laws Online Degree (LL.B) Outcomes

  • Develop abilities for identifying and comprehending key concepts in substantive law, legal theory, and procedure.
  • Construct oral and written legal analyses.
  • Develop the skills for conducting superior legal research.
  • Acquire knowledge for undertaking rules of professional ethics in law.
  • Develop requisite competencies in excelling in Bar Examination.

Course Requirements

Students must complete all the required 36 credits (12 courses) in the third year. Each course is valued as 3 Credits. Students are required to choose one elective course for the third semester.



FIN 215 The Law of Corporate Finance and Financial Markets

LL.B 405 Logic and Clear Thoughts II

LL.B 410 Law of Advocacy I

LL.B 415 Administrative Law I



LL.B 420 Law of Advocacy II

LL.B 425 Administrative Law II

LL.B 430 Jurisprudence and Legal Thoughts I

LL.B 445  Real Property Law I



LL.B 435 Jurisprudence and Legal Thoughts II

LL.B 460 Real Property Law II

Elective Course

LL.B 440 Legal Case-based Project



Third Year Electives

Students must choose only one course (3 Credits) as electives from this section for third semester of third year. Each course is valued as 3 Credits.


LL.B 401 Family Law

LL.B 403 Public International Law

LL.B 406 European Union Law

LL.B 407 International Human Rights Law

LLB 409 Intellectual Property

LL.B 411 Employment Law

LL.B 413 Company Law

LL.B 414 International Environmental Law

LL.B 417 Alternative Dispute Resolution

LL.B 419 Comparative Law

LL.B 421 Commercial Law

LL.B 423 Industrial and Labor Law

LL.B 426 Terrorism and Counterterrorism

Total Credits required for Bachelor of Laws (LL.B) program is 120; Charisma University LL.B curriculum of 108 credits.
Please refer to the University Catalog or website for admissions requirementstransfer credits policy; and tuition fees.

A bachelor of laws degree can be a great way to get your legal education without having to leave home. Charisma University offers a supportive online learning environment where you can get the education you need to start your legal career. Do you want to know more about Bachelor of Laws (LL.B) Online Degree? Ask any question and take support from our live chat support desk.