Charisma University Announces New Chief Financial Officer

Charisma University is pleased to announce Dr. Ron Guay as the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) for the university effective March 1, 2019. Dr. Guay continues as Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) and as professor of accounting, finance, and strategic management. Dr. Guay fosters a climate of collaboration and collegiality. He seeks the support of all to improve the state of financial management to enable better budgeting, financial planning, accounting, and reporting including the issue of financial policies, management accounting practices, directives, instructions, information bulletins, and the development and implementation management and internal controls including the Balanced Scorecard (BSC).

Dr. Guay has gained recognition as a global accounting and finance scholar, academic and practitioner (AP) through decades of serving all sectors of the economy as an auditor, controller, and CFO. As an AP, Dr. Guay is a trailblazer in strategic management has developed and implemented the full accrual basis of accounting for the Government of Canada (GOC). At the GOC, Dr. Guay was responsible for the development and preparation of the GOC’s audited financial statements, the issue of financial policies and directives, and the publication of the Public Accounts of Canada for 25 years. As such, Dr. Guay fostered a culture of creativity, collegiality, professionalism, empowerment, and ethical behavior.  Dr. Guay advised 43 sovereign governments on how to adopt and implement the model of central accounts of Canada. Such countries included the smallest, for example, Mongolia, often using a simultaneous translation, to the largest, the United States of America. As a trailblazer in implementing accrual accounting at the GOC, Dr. Guay conferred with his counterparts in New Zealand and Australia the earliest adopters of accrual accounting. During his tenure at the GOC, including head of financial policies and training in the largest government department, Dr Guay was a founding associate of the Public Sector Accounting and Auditing Standards Board (PSAAB) of the Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants (CICA) and regular contributor to the formulation of CMA Canada’s Strategic Management Accounting Practices (SMAP) also known as Management Accounting Guidelines (MAG) for near 25 years.  As well, Dr. Guay taught virtually all accounting, finance, and strategic management courses at the GOC through the Receiver General (RG) for Canada under the formative aegis of the Canada School of Public Service, through accounting institutes, and universities. Financial management within GOC would not exist in its current state without Dr. Guay’s vast intellectual-capital contribution and insights. Dr. Guay has considerable experience in several areas of accounting, strategic management, and finance, in governance, quality management and assurance, and in university education and accreditation, his broad fields of research interests.

Dr Guay is a Doctor of Philosophy in accounting and finance, an MBA in strategic management along with undergraduate studies in accounting having earned several accounting designations, for example, CMA, CPA, CA from institutes around the world. Other than his Charisma-University email which is, one can reach Dr Guay at and

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