BHS 306 Health Information Management

This course is for students pursuing careers in the health sciences. Introduction of health information systems and processes for collecting, maintaining, and disseminating primary and secondary health related information. Introduction to health care delivery and organizational structure to include content of health record, documentation requirements, registries, indices, licensing, regulatory agencies, forms, etc. Attention is given to the role of information needed for disease prevention and health promotion at the population-level.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Trace the history of medical record management and the role that health data plan in disease prevention and health promotion at the population-level.
  • Discuss the importance of health information systems.
  • Define the health record; understand its purpose, uses, and the content.
  • Identify regulatory bodies that impact health record documentation.
  • Analyze health records qualitatively and quantitatively.
  • Identify design rules for data collection.
  • Critically review professional journal article in health sciences for illustration of course concepts.