BUS 217 Strategies in Decision Making

This course will present an up-to-date look at how actual companies act strategically and organize themselves. The authors of our textbook provide the reader with a richness of theory, a richness of practice, and a strong basis for linkage between the two. We will combine a case study approach with theory that will provide the accumulated benefits of many years of careful research and thought about management processes, and emphasizes the textbook authors’ belief that in this complex world of organizations a range of concepts is needed to cut through and illuminate particular aspects of that complexity.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand the corporation and the set of strategic factors that underlie the basis for formulating and implementing management decisions.
  • Analyze various cases on how business firms develop strategic responses and management decisions to critical issues such as competitive threats, technology change, growth opportunities and financial performance.
  • Utilize analytical techniques and tools for creating useful and valid business, market and financial information that becomes the foundation for the development of strategic management decision making.
  • Be involved in the process and methodology used to analyze a complex business case to determine and critique the company’s strategic focus and basis for management decision making.