BUS 310 Business Taxation

This course discusses a wide range of taxation concepts and legislations. Students learn the role of taxation in decision-making and business. They will also learn how to deal with international aspects of the company’s taxation.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Analyze the tax frameworks that apply when conducting a business through companies, trusts partnerships or sole proprietors.
  • Analyze business transactions in the context of the goods and services tax.
  • Apply the appropriate taxation rules that govern purchases and sales of a business.
  • Understand the impact of legislation and legislative changes.
  • Analyze tax law and its implications for unincorporated and incorporated businesses.
  • Get to know how to treat capital assets.
  • Prepare the relevant pages of a tax return for an unincorporated business and accurately produce the computations to support this.
  • Correctly complete corporation tax returns with all supporting computations for incorporated businesses.