BUS 450 Strategic Management

Students will learn the fundamental concepts in strategic planning processes such as environmental scan, strategy formulation, plan implementation, and activity control. Plan drafting and evaluation are the key skills in this course. Psychological bases of strategic management and management failures will also be explored and analyzed.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Compare conceptual models of strategic management.
  • Describe techniques such as SWOT, McKinsey 7-S model and the balanced scorecard.
  • Understand elements of organization structure and how they translate into organization design.
  • Outline the key components of budgets and budgeting. Learn strategic human resource management and its links to strategy.
  • Contrast three international perspectives on performance management.
  • Trace the genesis of leadership theories.
  • Understand the need for public sector managers to have project management skills.
  • Describe the project life cycle and the detailed steps in each phase.
  • Develop and test project objectives.
  • Carry out stakeholder mapping.