BUS 860 Law for the Entrepreneur and Manager

In this course, we will examine how the current legal environment, government regulation, and e-commerce environment impact today’s business decisions. The cases in the text are cutting-edge, exciting, and engaging, and the reasoning of each case is presented in the language of the court. Specifically, we will focus on presenting the legal environment and ethics in a way that will spur students to ask questions and go beyond basic memorization to develop a greater understanding of the applicability to their business life.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Learn the solid foundation in business law needed to exercise judgment and leadership when confronting a broad range of complex law-sensitive issues.
  • Learn how to organize a new company, employment, contracts, venture capital, liability, intellectual property, taking a company public, antitrust, managerial and corporate crime.
  • Understand how to go international, and sell a business.
  • Analyze bankruptcy and reorganization, and business disputes.
  • Analyze US law and compare with other systems.
  • Understand legal issues of concern to entrepreneurs, such as startup, separating from an existing venture, corporate organization and finance.
  • Understand legal issues of management, including intellectual property, contract law, litigation, corporate governance and dissolving the business.