BUS 885 Competitive Decision-Making and Negotiation

This course will provide an innovative, skills-based approach to needs development, negotiating, and presentation that students can learn and use to achieve effective and focused application of personal strengths. It will enable them to understand the skills and processes necessary to meet both the logical and emotional requirements of people and organizations, while respecting operational time constraints.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Learn tools to achieve negotiation objectives fairly and responsibly.
  • Negotiation skills developed by active participation in a variety of negotiation settings: an oil price (repetitive Prisoners’ Dilemma) negotiation; fair division of a valuable art collection and a series of integrative bargaining cases between two and more than two parties over multiple issues; e.g. owners of an online vendor of mid-priced wines negotiates sale of the company to a large chain; two companies negotiate an IT deal.
  • Perform effective negotiation with class counterparts.
  • Learn ethical considerations in business negotiations.
  • Analyze a negotiation situation, find each party’s best alternative to no agreement and effectively negotiate a positive outcome.