BUS 917 Managing Transformations in Work, Organizations, and Society

Topics cover the integrating family and work, evolving social contract at work, and managing diversity and strategic labor-management partnerships. Topics also cover managing relationship between the firm and its stakeholders. BUS 917 focuses on skills required to adapt to sweeping changes in the workplace and the workforce.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Learn skills managers need to adapt to current sweeping changes in the nature of work and the workforce, in the institutions that interact with work, and in business organizations and their roles in society, particularly the labor market, community and family-centered groups.
  • Understand managerial issues like managing changes and innovations occurring in the nature of work and organizations and the role of the corporation in society.
  • Understand changing social contract at work, integrating work and family, managing diversity, managing strategic labor-management partnerships, and managing relations between the firm and its multiple stakeholders.