CSA 960b Dissertation – Practical Research II (Review of Related Literature & Methodology)

The course is a follow up to Practical Research I. The student is asked to perform preliminary literature review. Practical Research II involves methods of literature selection where students employ different modes of literature scanning. Students must also propose a research methodology.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Undertake research using online and offline sources, sometimes necessitating research or experiments on one’s own in order to obtain original data in support of thesis or dissertation.
  • Dissect pieces of literature to determine its relevancy and its impact on the field.
  • Provide a brief summary of what the literature was about, focusing more on the impact the work has on the field of study and whether or not it made a meaningful contribution to the field.
  • Determine what literature makes the biggest contribution to the topic.
  • Determine the research methodology for the dissertation.