DHS 810 Key Concepts in Public Health

The key concepts of public health are examined with emphases on the international/global health implications. The course also addresses important health issues and problems facing the public health system. Case studies and a variety of practice-related exercises serve as a basis for learner participation in real world public health problem-solving simulations. Since computers and the Internet’s World Wide Web are now basic tools for public health practitioners, this course also seeks to foster and enhance skills related to the use of technology for accessing and using information and communicating with colleagues.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Achieve familiarity with the various components of the public health system
  • Understand interrelationships among the system’s components
  • Acquire the ability to apply this knowledge and understanding to important health issues and problems
  • Acquire an awareness of the importance of independent reading and study
  • Develop basic computer skills for accessing information and communicating with peers
  • Appreciate the unique characteristics of public health practice as a social enterprise