DHS 820 Case Studies-Global Health

This course examines a collection of global health problems rooted in rapidly changing social structures that transcend national and other administrative boundaries. Students explore case studies focusing on how a broad biosocial analysis might improve the delivery of services designed to lessen the burden of disease, especially among developing countries. The basis for this course is material assembled by The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO), Global Health Progress (GHP), International AIDS Vaccine Initiative (IAVI), Infectious Disease Research Institute (IDRI), Association of University Technology Managers (AUTM) and World Health Organization’s Special Programme for Research and Training in Tropical Diseases (TDR), have joined together to prepare a set of multi-sector case studies to identify ways in which key stakeholders are addressing global health concerns.
See this link: http://www.casestudiesforglobalhealth.org/

Learning Outcomes:

  • Illustrate how various people, organizations, companies and governments have approached a wide range of global health issues.
  • Describe how different actors have addressed key elements of product development across a wide range of health interventions, such as complexity of IP, length and stage of development, costs and nature of manufacturing, purchasers and markets, regulatory issues, distribution mechanisms and adoption hurdles.
  • Generate greater awareness of factors that impact a stakeholder’s willingness or ability to be involved (or it’s technology or funding to be utilized) in a given global health related activity, including the complexity of interactions, as well as changing competitive, economic and political environments.
  • Identify gaps in global health and areas that require more attention and investment.
  • Identify success stories, opportunities and challenges to innovation in developing countries.
  • Initiate dialogue between and with global health actors to discuss how to overcome common barriers