DHS 830 Managerial Epidemiology

Managerial epidemiology is the application of the principles and tools of epidemiology to the decision-making process. It applies analytic techniques to the management of health services through the study and measurement of the health of populations. Topics include population health appraisals, determinants of health and disease, health status measurement, health service use, and design and evaluation of health care interventions.
The goal of the course is improved management of health service organization resources, with the expectation of enhancing the health status of the population that the organization serves. The outcomes of the course include a student’s enhanced appreciation of the uses of managerial epidemiology in the strategic decision making in a health science setting, especially in a developing country.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Monitoring service population size and composition, including analyses of population demographics, birth and fertility rates, migration patterns, as well as horizontal and vertical integration of health care organizations in the community.
  • The distribution of health needs in a population, including morbidity and mortality rates across a population, as well as within sub-populations; incidences of chronic health conditions; prevalence of various risk factors to the population; and monitoring of infectious diseases.
  • The relationship between health system characteristics and the health status of the population served, including organizational, personnel, technological and programmatic effort characteristics.
  • The role of the organization in the community’s overall health care system, including an internal analysis of the organization (e.g. mission, vision, stakeholder groups, etc.), as well as the organization’s role of niche within the community vis-a-vis addressing existing and anticipated population health needs.
  • Enhanced report writing and oral presentation skills through the preparation of two written reports, as well as a power-point (videotaped) presentation of the report results.