DHS 860 Comprehensive Exam/Graduate Report in the Health Sciences

The purpose of this examination is for the student to demonstrate understanding, synthesis, and application of Core Courses in the doctoral program as presented in the program and applied to a health science topic of the doctoral student’s own choosing. The Graduate Report in the Health Sciences will allow the student to showcase knowledge and practice skills that are representative of attributes needed to perform successfully in a health sciences career or to be successful in a doctoral program. Thus, the goal with this course is to help students learn how to develop both advanced academic and professional competencies that will help them secure a job following graduation and transition from being a doctoral student to doctoral candidate ready to undertake the doctoral dissertation. The Graduate Report should be 20 pages in length.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Demonstrate critical thinking and analysis on subject pertinent to health sciences.
  • Ability to evaluate health science materials with consideration to age, education, cultural considerations, global health, etc.
  • Professional communication and technical writing.
  • Leadership and professional competencies to allow for successful transition from doctoral student to doctoral candidate.