DNP 770 Telemedicine in Nursing Practice

This course explores the roles of information and communications technologies in enabling remote patient care. Through this course, candidates learn how health professionals collaborate at a distance and teach and support patient-self management. These topics are considered according to the perspectives of technology, clinical approaches, evidence-based practice, leadership, sociology, and politics. Core themes in this course are both non-communicable diseases and global health challenges.

Learning Outcomes

  • Thoroughly discuss the applications of telemedicine and telehealth and their evolution over time.
  • Understand the primary policy drivers for telehealth in the 21st century.
  • Fully explain the range of cases for telemedicine, including remote monitoring of non-communicable diseases, home-based and mobile self-management tools, hospital-at-home, and remote diagnostics.
  • Critically discuss potentially complex legal, regulatory, accountability, and reimbursement issues relevant to telemedicine.
  • Analyze the ethical principles surrounding telemedicine health services.