DNP 780 Evidence-Based Nursing Practice

This course explores the philosophical underpinnings relevant to the role of the DNP in evidence-based practice. Topics covered in this course are methods by which nursing knowledge is generated, levels of evidence that inform nursing practice, and the application of evidence to practice. Through this course, candidates will identify and analyze concepts relevant to their topic of interest, assess evidence relevant to this topic, and design clinical outcomes related to their identified topic of interest to translate the evidence into practice environments.

Learning Outcomes

  • Acquire the competencies needed for health leaders in planning the design, development, implementation, and evaluation of health promotion and disease prevention initiatives.
  • Explain the strategic approaches needed to plan, implement, evaluate, and apply evidence, including using cost-benefit analyses.
  • Conduct a high-level systematic review of evidence on the chosen topic.
  • Use theories of leadership and management as applied to evidence-based practice.