DPSY 603 Human Sexuality

This course helps students understand the diversity of human sexual expression as well as the diversity of perspectives from which sexuality can be studied. It devotes rich coverage to the insights gained from cognitive science, social psychology, sociology, feminism, and cross-cultural studies, along with both moral and political discourse on sexual themes.

Learning Outcomes:

  • a proficiency in reading and writing within the conceptual framework of human sexuality;
  • an oral proficiency in understanding the genesis of human sexuality;
  • an ability to identify, analyze, and question the origin of various analysis models;
  • a familiarity with understanding the rationale of human sexuality within a society;
  • and a familiarity with the contemporary human sexuality theory.

Note: This course in no way reflects upon the moral or social values of either Charisma University or its staff. It is presented solely for exposure of students to contemporary thought.