ECON 411 Negotiation and Conflict Management

The course presents negotiation and conflict management theory within a marketing context. Students will use role-playing simulations covering a wide range of topics. Students will also test their negotiation and conflict management skills in difficult situations, including racism, sexism, abrasiveness, emergencies, and whistle-blowing.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Learn negotiation and conflict management through negotiation theory – strategies and styles – within an employment context.
  • Practice negotiating with role-playing simulations that cover a range of topics.
  • Learn how to negotiate in difficult situations, which include abrasiveness, racism, sexism, whistle-blowing, and emergencies.
  • Understand conflict management as a first party and as a third party: third-party skills include helping others deal directly with their conflicts, mediation, investigation, arbitration, and helping the system change as a result of a dispute.