Ed.D 811 Fundraising Management

This course provides a comprehensive overview for those entering the fundraising profession as well as those with limited experience who seek to expand their knowledge. Students are provided with an ethical foundation and are introduced to basic terminology and concepts in the field. The various fundraising vehicles are surveyed and participants learn to apply fundraising strategies as they balance individual donor and institutional needs. Relationship building, the solicitation process, the psychological dynamics and the realities of asking for money are examined as students refine their skills through analysis of case studies and participation in role playing exercises. A full array of written formats used by fundraising professionals including mission statements, grant proposals, acknowledgment letters, and campaign appeal materials are introduced. While students develop an understanding of the essentials of fundraising operations, they also examine the larger issues confronting today’s fundraising managers.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Examine the major drivers in today’s fundraising environment.
  • Assess an organization’s fundraising readiness.
  • Create a fundraising plan with diverse sources of revenue and support.
  • Define and communicate the roles of the board and staff in fundraising.
  • Develop mechanisms to monitor fundraising plans and communicate results to stakeholders.