ENV 550 Community Environmental Health

This course provides information regarding fundamental topics in environmental and occupational health including air pollution, water pollution, solid and hazardous waste, and environmental health law and ethics with emphasis on the community.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Recognize the major health problems associated with the global, ambient, occupational, and indoor environments.
  • Describe the direct and indirect human, ecological and safety effects of major environmental and occupational agents.
  • Develop skills in analyzing and communicating about environmental health issues.
  • Explain how the contexts of gender, race, poverty, history, migration, and culture are important in the design of interventions within public health systems, emphasis on the environment.
  • Illustrate how changes in public health systems (including input, processes, and output) can be measured with attention to environmental health.
  • Analyze inter-relationships among systems that influence the quality of life of people in their communities.