EPI 554 Special Topics in Epidemiology

Independent study of topics in epidemiology determined by the student’s needs and interests and in consultation with Public Health faculty member. The independent study topic should be supportive of the student’s degree plan and the student’s admission essay, where possible. (Note: This course is intended for learners with less than five-years of work experience in health and/or human service fields.)

Learning Outcomes
The learning materials and activities in this course should permit the MPH graduate student to demonstrate the following competencies:

  • Identify key sources of data for epidemiologic purposes.
  • Describe a public health problem in terms of magnitude, person, time and place.
  • Comprehend basic ethical and legal principles pertaining to the collection, maintenance, use and dissemination of epidemiologic data.
  • Apply the basic terminology and definitions of epidemiology.
  • Calculate basic epidemiology measures.
  • Communicate epidemiologic information to lay and professional audiences.
  • Draw appropriate inferences from epidemiologic and public health data.
  • Evaluate the strengths and limitations of epidemiologic reports.