GBH 550 International Public Health

Independent study of advanced topics in epidemiology as determined by the student’s needs and interests and in consultation with Public Health faculty member. (Note: This course is intended for learners with at least five-years of work experience in health and/or human service fields.) Cross-listed with (and appropriately modified for) BGH 654, ENV 654, PHS 654.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understands the complexities of global health issues, particularly in low-income countries.
  • Identify many of the current authoritative sources of information about global health, as a potential aid for future educational, training, and research endeavors.
  • Understand that global health theory involves many, sometimes conflicting, belief systems, and identify some of these.
  • Be able to cite examples of specific issues and case studies in global health.
  • Explain how the contexts of gender, race, poverty, history, migration, and culture are important in the design of interventions within public health systems in a global setting.
  • Analyze inter-relationships among systems that influence the quality of life of people in their communities.