HIS 218 Western Civilizations II

The course is designed to provide the understanding of major intellectual trends that
appeared in the West since the Renaissance. It includes a discussion of the United States
as well as Russia as they play a part in the history of the 20th century. Prerequisite HIST 217

Learning Outcomes:

  • Read primary and secondary historical sources critically, with an understanding of their validity, perspective bias, audience, and context. Use information technologies in acquiring new knowledge and perspective.
  • Identify major personalities of western civilization. Describe major movements, trends, and developments of western civilization.
  • Construct an historical essay that presents a clear thesis, a persuasive argument, and well-researched supporting data. Discuss with authority, either in writing or verbally, the historical forces (e.g., religion, economics, politics, social stratification, gender, individual actors, technology, nature, intellectual and aesthetic thought, etc.) behind the major movements, trends, and developments of western civilization.
  • Analyze other cultures and time periods with little or no ethnocentrism, thus displaying a sense of informed perspective and a deeper understanding of the common threads of human nature.