LL.B 205 Law of Torts I   


This course provides students with a general introduction to the law of torts, focusing on negligence, encompassing duty of care, breach and standard of care; causation and remoteness; damages; defenses; and vicarious liabilities. The course covers a comprehensive range of other torts, such as trespass to person, land, goods, nuisance, and defamation.


Learning Outcomes 

  • Analyze foundational principles of tort law.
  • Conduct legal research at a foundational level and assess legal information derived through primary and secondary sources.
  • Apply tort law to complex cases by harnessing the correct legal problem-solving techniques.
  • Compose cohesive written arguments for a legal audience.
  • Use critical analysis in applying tort law to simulated cases in an academic environment.
  • Comprehensively discuss the impacts of tort law from a policy perspective.