LL.B 300 Criminal Law II 


This course is a continuation of Criminal Law I. It further provides students with an understanding of the principles of substantive criminal law. Discussions cover applying these principles concerning significant crimes and defenses and doctrines of complicity and inchoate criminal liability.


Learning Outcomes 

  • Demonstrate knowledge of the major principles of criminal responsibility.
  • Discuss legal and policy issues relative to substantive criminal law and critically assess police, prosecutorial, judicial, and legislative decision-making.
  • Analyze the general principles of criminal law theory and discuss how societal power structures are reproduced in criminal law and criminal justice systems.
  • Critically discuss major crimes and defenses found in criminal law of Commonwealth Countries.
  • Critically assess how criminal liabilities are expanded using doctrines of complicity in the crime and inchoate offenses.
  • Harness advanced problem-solving skills relative to hypothetical criminal law fact scenarios.