LL.B 320 Equity I


This course examines the origins of equity, as well as the principles that underpin equity and trust; students will critically evaluate the application of the said principles to factual circumstances, the manners by which these principles impact people in their daily lives, how these principles are reconciled with other principles that govern the establishment of express trusts, imposition of trusts by law, and the ways that equity and trusts law adapt to evolving social conditions.


Learning Outcomes 

  • Understand the nature and operation of trust law.
  • Demonstrate abilities in applying equity and trust principles to factual circumstances.
  • Discuss how equity and trusts law adapts to evolving social situations.
  • Find primary and secondary (including electronic) legal sources that apply to equity and trusts law.
  • Analyze and evaluate legal materials through statutory interpretation, case analysis, and review of secondary sources to determine and assess their fundamental legal principles and impacts on contemporary issues.
  • Resolve case studies using relevant legal facts and legal issues identified, with sufficient support by reference to legal authorities.