LL.B 426 Terrorism and Counterterrorism 


This course offers a broad view of national security law issues, with attention to terrorism and counterterrorism. Students will learn about national security, terrorist acts, institutional issues, practical issues, and thematic issues on terrorism through this course.


Learning Outcomes 

  • Define national security in the contexts of terrorism and counterterrorism.
  • Critically discuss the origin of terrorism and motivations behind terrorist acts.
  • Understand terrorism and counter-terrorism measures from the International law perspective by exploring deep into the history of terrorism.
  • Investigate and discuss the challenges and complex nature of terrorism; and counter-terrorism efforts by United Nations and its member States.
  • Explain national security institutions and how they are organized, and the legal bases on which they operate.
  • Conduct a research paper on a chosen country’s national security to provide recommendations based on legal frameworks.