MBA 600 Human Resource Management

This course seeks to help students understand the dynamic environment of human resources management and the complex decisions that all managers must make when managing employees. Topics covered include managing employees for competitive advantage, legal compliance, job design, workforce planning, recruitment, selection, training, development, performance management, compensation, incentives, and labor unions.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Learn human resource management strategy and its alignment with broader organizational objectives.
  • Gain a systematic understanding of the central issues that determine and shape the theory and practice of HRM in organizations.
  • Understand theoretical approaches and practical implementation options in the field of corporate strategy and strategic human resource management.
  • Learn the principles and key issues in organizational behavior and human resource management.
  • Gain knowledge and critical understanding of theories and approaches in the policies and practices of human resource management, and in particular its capacity to engage with and steer change within organizations and in the environment.
  • Analyze and evaluate a range of current problems in human resource management.
  • Understanding of the ethical issues and range of stakeholder concerns that influence and shape the management of organizations.
  • Understand the methodologies and techniques for collecting, processing, analysis and presentation of different types of data for the purposes of management research.