MBA 673 International Business Law

This is a course in business law that applies to business transactions in the international political legal setting. It includes a study of inter­relationships among business laws of different countries as well as the legal impact on business organizations. It covers agency agreements, regulations of imports and exports, regional transactions, technology transfers, intellectual property, legal organization, and product liability.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Advanced capacity to conceptualize and gain increasing autonomy in learning, including analytical reasoning and critical evaluation, initiative and independence of thought.
  • Improve understanding of research design, enabling the completion of an extensive research project in a chosen area of international business law.
  • Learn innovation in the application of knowledge, together with a practical understanding of how established techniques of research design and enquiry are used in practice.
  • Identify and analyze the legal effects of the sources of public and private international law.
  • Learn the way that international law is made, and how international legal disputes can be settled in international tribunals and municipal courts.
  • Identify international legal problems that arise in specific situations and formulate persuasive arguments for the resolution of the problems on the basis of legal arguments that incorporate and correctly apply the relevant sources of international law.