MEd 604 Cultural and Multicultural Education

This Course examines cultural and ethnic differences in values and the implications for classroom instruction and curriculum development. Examination of current research findings concerning cultural perceptions, practices and communication styles for teaching approaches, materials, learning experiences and curriculum development. This course also examines the
implications of cultural and ethnic differences for program planning for classrooms, schools and school districts.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Learn how to create equal educational opportunities for students from diverse racial, ethnic, social-class, and cultural groups.
  • Understand how to impart the knowledge, attitudes, and skills needed to function effectively in a pluralistic democratic society and to interact, negotiate, and communicate with peoples from diverse groups in order to create a civic and moral community that works for the common good.
  • Not only draws content, concepts, paradigms, and theories from specialized interdisciplinary fields such as ethnic studies and women studies (and from history and the social and behavioral sciences), it also interrogates, challenges, and reinterprets content, concepts, and paradigms from the established disciplines.