MGT 600 Social Issues Management

This course provides students with a framework for identifying, analyzing and resolving ethical dilemmas in business. It is an integration of multiple disciplines and value systems that impact and determine the appropriate role of business in satisfying the needs of customers, employees, suppliers, stockholders, government, community, creditors, mangers and the general public. This course will investigate business ethics from multiple perspectives. First, the wide-angle lens perspective will be explored, wherein the appropriate role of business in society will be discussed, as well as the ethical responsibilities of businesses to their constituents. The second perspective will be organizational design, in which the focus will be on management practices, company culture and formal systems like corporate ethics programs and how these impact the potential of employees to behave ethically or unethically. The microscope perspective will also be studied, to identify the ethical responsibilities of individual business managers, and how they should make decisions pertaining to ethical issues.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand and discuss the assumptions and merits of the three perspectives to ultimately develop and defend their own perspective.
  • Understand the application of the three perspectives to ethical dilemmas and select which perspective is most effective for every given social issue.
  • Display a functional knowledge of global and ethical issues typically confronting managers.
  • Demonstrate a awareness of cultural diversity and their impact on business environments.
  • Identify, analyze and attempt to resolve ethical dilemmas in business.
  • Gain knowledge about key legal topics in business by means of critical thinking analysis.